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Facts About Behavior Modification and Autistic Children


There is much information to day about the process of behavior modification, which is changing or altering the behavior of an individual by means of positive reinforcement, praise, rewards or any other methods recommended by the one in charge. Most behavior modifications are done under the advisement of a therapist or psychologist. The individuals most requiring behavior modification are children with ADHD, mentally retarded individuals, those suffering from severe depression and autistic children. There is no clear-cut method that can be used for all individuals. Usually, a behavior modification plan is put into order depending on each individual's needs. For instance, plans behavior modification and autistic children would be different from a child diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Therapists and child psychologists have many pamphlets on the subjects of both behavior modification and autistic children. Autistic children have very special needs unlike those of other children. In order to be able to help their with their behavior needs, the one implementing the plan must be well informed in behavior modification and autistic children.

When dealing with behavior modification and autistic children, there should be four different things to keep in mind before and during the process:

• Know what your goal. The goal needs to be something that is attainable to the child.
• Know your stimuli. Stimuli are what you will be using to communicate with the child. This may be clapping or calling their name, whatever you may choose.
• Identify the child's response to the stimuli. Did he or she do what was expected or not?
• Know and identify what the reward or consequence will be depending on what the child did or didn't do.

When working on behavior modification and autistic children, it's very important that the goal always be something the autistic child is able to do. When they succeed, do not be afraid of giving them too much praise. There are usually three different types of reward/consequence that work with autistic children. One is things that are eaten, another is things that are felt such as toys or clothes and the third one is things that are social. You will decide which one you will be using depending on what type of behavior you want to change. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind with behavior modification and autistic children is that you may start with one plan and have to change to another if it is not successful.

There is a lot of information available today about behavior modification and autistic children at your local library, your nearby clinic and the internet.


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