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´╗┐Behaviour Modification and Gyms- An Up and Coming Practice


Behavior modification is a process of changing the behavior of an individual, usually from negative behavior to positive behavior. Many different methods have been used in this process including the combination of behaviour modification gyms. While physical fitness to some means exercise and work, to others it means a stress reliever. No longer are gyms just for exercising or playing basketball as they were at one time. Today many children are involved in behaviour modification and gyms are a great way to get them all together in one room under one roof.

Behaviour modification and gyms are used in conjunction with dietary concerns being met. Many of the foods that are eaten by children seem to have a bearing on their behavior. This is a topic where there has been a lot of controversy. Some doctors and specialists believe there is a real connection with the foods our children eat and the way they behave. Years ago Dr. Feingold, a doctor that studied foods and their connection wrote a diet called the "Feingold diet", which he claimed, if followed, would make a positive change in the behavior of children. His diet restricted the use of any artificial colors, artificial flavors and any preservatives.

Much study has been done on behavior problems, with many factors being involved in causing the problems as well as eliminating the problems. Child psychologists are trying therapy, good diet, behaviour modification and gyms to help steer the children towards better behavior skills. Community gyms are a great place to local children to get together with supervision and vent or participate in some sport activity. The use of gyms has become so popular and widely used that many doctors give out prescriptions to memberships in gyms with personal trainers. Insurance companies are often paying for the use of these gyms when they are recommended by licensed physicians.

Physical activity is a great way to "blow off steam" and keep the body in good physical shape, which will result in a better emotional condition. The short and long-term affect of physical activity on the body cannot be overstated. This, by itself, will not make the required changes in the behavior, however. The combination of counseling, diet, behaviour modification and gyms all work together towards changing the way children or adults look and feel about themselves.

The process of behavior modification involves changing the negative behavior into positive behavior. The same recommendations cannot be used for all individuals that have behavioral issues as each circumstance and child is different. However, after an assessment and evaluation, the doctor will recommend the best possible treatment plan.

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