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´╗┐Behavior Modifications for Students


Behavior modifications for students are a method of therapy geared towards turning negative behavior into positive behavior both in and out of the classroom. There are different methods that can be used for behavior modifications for students. Some of the methods include positive reinforcements, direct instructions, punishments, verbal reprimand, tokens for good behavior, and time-outs for bad behavior.

At times, parents or teachers may feel that the behavior modifications for students fail to accomplish what they'd hoped for, however, it is usually not the behavior modifications for students that have failed as they never fail. The problem is usually that it is applied either incorrectly or inconsistently. Regardless of what kinds of behavior modifications are being used or for whom, the most important factor is consistency. Consistency is probably the key ingredient to the success or failure of behavior modifications.

All types of behavior is modified, shaped and changed by the consequences that came because of that behavior. If there are no consequences, there will be no change in the behavior. Although, there may be some exceptions when dealing with children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, who often exhibit emotional or temperamental displays, behavior modifications for students must have some sort of consequence to be effective.

Behavior modifications for students are based on two different kinds of consequences: reinforcers or punishments. Reinforcers improve and strengthen the behavior while punishments tend to weaken the behavior. IN order to manage and control the behavior, there must be consistent consequences. There must be specific steps to consistently control and manage the behavior by means of the consequences.

The behavior problem(s) must be observed and identified. The second step is to determine the best way to change the behavior. Next, there must be an effective reinforcer determined. The last step is to consistently apply the reinforcer to change and improve the behavior. Ann example would be a student that repeatedly fails to do his homework. The reinforcer would be to award him a star each time he brings his homework completed. However, if he fails to do his homework, he loses a privilege. If the star is not given each time the homework is done, this is not consistent. In addition, if a privilege is not taken away when he doesn't do his homework, this is not consistent. Lack of consistency will make the student feel that he doesn't have to do his homework unless he feels like doing it.

If the behavior problem is a problem that is also present at home, it is vital that the parents and teacher work together with the behavior modifications for students plan so they reach the same goal.

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